Berowra Christian Community School

Berowra Christian Community School is a small K-6 Primary School, established by Berowra Baptist Church in 1986. North's association here began with the construction of new education facilities in 2002. The $650K project was won at competitive tender and consisted of a 2 storey classroom building extension to the existing school.

Testament to the success of this project and the strong relationship that developed, the school appointed North under a Construction Management arrangement when in 2010 they had B.E.R. funds granted for refurbishment of the school hall. This $800K project included the refurbishment of the school hall and the installation of a fully equipped kitchen for functions. A new staff room was added along with upgrades to existing school buildings, amenities, IT and play equipment.

Combined value $1,450,000
20 weeks
Berowra Christian Community School
Stanton Dahl Architects